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How to get internet speed back at the price I had?

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How to get internet speed back at the price I had?

I'm really disappointed with Comcast. I have been a loyal customer for almost 10 years. I used to have a Performance Internet with 75 mbs speed at $66 a month. Last month I was offered a "deal" 12 month contract at $49 and  i was assured that everything  will stay the same, just 12 month contract. 
Since Last week my internet speed declined ( get 25mbps today) and i  can no work from home as i get poor to moderate network .  I call Comcast  and  just confirmed that i was downgraded to 60 mbps Internet speed and it was bundled with Tv that i don't need to "reduce" the price and whomever promised me that my internet speed would not changed provided wrong information. 


Now I cannot get the plan I had  because it is not longer offered, but to get the same level of internet  I had,  I need to switch to 150 mbps and pay $80 a month ( more expensive then bundle).  


What can I do to fix that situation and get the same level of service and internet speed that  I had last month and not a higher price? 

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Re: Please get me my service back at reasonable price

Hello, I can look further at your account and see if there are any promotions available. Can you verify your account information for me? To protect the privacy of your account, can you provide your full name, and the full account number or phone number associated with the account? To send a private message click on my name, then click private message me.

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