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How to get answers from Comcast.

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How to get answers from Comcast.

Boy, been just under a year since I posted here. Browsed the forums on and off over that time.

So I tried a Private Message to another member, not an employee, and no ability to enter text. So find the deal about Private Messaging not available to new forum members to employees.

Well, other than not posting for a while I am not really a "new" member. Also wasn't going to an employee.


But I also came on looking for some other information on a couple of issues.

1st issue: A couple of digital sub-channels for my PBS provided disappeared from the DTA lineup on my kitchen tv. Which I use at times while eating meals: on my own so I can do that. Figured it might be that those channels may now be considered HD, and I was hoping to find some info if HD  DTA would work. So far it is so local and few people in my area use these forums.

2nd issue popped up today. Nothing with service to the house. Lack of posting local office contact information on the website, local phone books, etc. Plus now when calling the local office get the automated menu. Now I figure that will direct me to the overseas, possibly American based, centers. And I can bet you with good odds I would be correct that someone outside this state would have no answer to my question. Their scripts probably don't cover that.

So I will have to wait until I have a couple of days off work next month to walk into the local office and ask my question.

I really don't expect an answer from the forums (one reason I have posted for so long) and if a employee actually responds to this I will be happy.

I like Comcast for Internet since my plan right now; Performance; has been upgraded to 70M down, this plan is the old Performance so if I ever make changes it goes back to 25, but the price for either speed is less than the local DSL offerings. I could get 55 with DSL but at a cost of $17 more for what I pay now.

I just get annoyed at the lack of decent contact options that can get results. I can get that from the local office. Let us call them, not some center overseas or in another part of the country that has no real clue what is going on in my area.

Thanks for listening.

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Re: How to get answers from Comcast.

Any Comcast mods out there?

Probably but don't figure they will respond. That is what makes this forum, which at one time was useful a joke.

May have to start considering the more expensive, but local provider, source for internet. TV may end up being antenna for the same channels, maybe more than I get now with Comcast, for free.



Re: How to get answers from Comcast.

I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

I am not an employee.
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Re: How to get answers from Comcast.

Thanks nerdburg

Hopefully they answer. The automated phone system they have is a joke. I have a local issue and the options on the" in a few words tell me the problem" won't cover that.

Just need to talk to a local person in my hometown office.

I have always said if Comcast drops that I drop them. This is close. TV will probably go in the near future, may not even upgrade Internet if I drop tv cause that puts me back at the 25Mb speed but if I can't get local service or even a person on the phone locally then Comcast is not worth it anymore.

Man what a joke

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Re: How to get answers from Comcast.

Hello commanguy. 


Your inability to send a private message to a specific member may indicate you were blocked by the user. Feel free to try and private message me to ensure this works. 


I can certainly check on the digital sub-channels for PBS that you seen disappear. Can you please tell me which channel numbers these were, so I can check on them? I see your local channel, KTCA channel 2 should be available for PBS.


As for contacting your local XFINITY Store, our local stores are not equipped, nor staffed to handle inbound phone calls from customers. We as a company direct all inbound phone calls to 1-800-COMCAST so that our call center employees can help. I am also a Corporate Comcast Employee made available to support customers via these Forums, so I am happy to help you.


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Re: How to get answers from Comcast.

Private messages still don't seem to work, no big deal.

Channels not showing up on the DTAs are Channels 202 and 203: TPT-MN and TPT Weather. They don't show up on the DTA guides anymore and that happened over the weekend. Still on the full box.

Question I have, and in my mind a  call center employee with a script probably won't know this answer, is would the HD DTA still receive those channels?


In the past our local office handled all calls from the area. In a rural area in the middle of the country sending calls to call centers is, in my opinion only mind you, dumb. There are issues that are local, such as this and area distruptions that local office would know about sooner than a call center.

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Re: How to get answers from Comcast.

You can speak with your local XFINITY Store representatives, you would just have to go into the store physically to speak with them, since they don't answer phones. 


To answer your greater question, I did some research for these two channels in your region in MN, and here is what I found:


KTCA Minnesota (the Minnesota Channel) and KTCA Weather (TPT Weather) from Twin Cities PBS are changing to HD only programming. The network has decided to provide HD content only. Customers who currently have SD only will no longer have access to these channels. Customers can upgrade to HD equipment or watch over-the-air (2-2 for MN and 2-5 for Weather).


Channel Locations


  • Minneapolis, Bloomington: 202
  • St. Paul, Anoka, Maple Grove, Burnsville: 243

KTCA -- Weather

  • Minneapolis, Bloomington: 203
  • St. Paul, Anoka, Maple Grove, Burnsville: 244

Please let me know if you have any further questions. 

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Re: How to get answers from Comcast.


Kind of figured that might be the case but never saw any information on the KTCA website or other information sources they have.

Double checked my past Comcast bills also but no notices in the upcoming changes area, so this must have been a quick decision on KTCA's part.

Thanks again for the verification.

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Re: How to get answers from Comcast.

I would agree, this definitely feels like a rapid decision. I'm sorry if this caused you inconvenience. 


You're very welcome. Please let us know if there is anything further we can help with. 

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Re: How to get answers from Comcast.

This is an email quote (dated January 5, 2018) from Dean Orton | Chief Operating Officer, TPT - Twin Cities PBS.


"Thank you for following up with us regarding this issue.  We have been working with Comcast to activate the SD feed for channel 243, the MN Channel and hope to have it up and running by January 17th.  There are plans in place to communicate that the channel will be coming back once the service is up and running."