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How do I reach Tier 3 technical support or get directly to comm techs???

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How do I reach Tier 3 technical support or get directly to comm techs???

Im having issues with upload and download speeds again and its the same problem Ive have before for 8 months straight. It literally took this company 8 months, over 40 tech visits, hundreds of hours on the phone with their automated system, all to fix this issue.


The issue was only fixed when I was finally passed on to a comm tech who I still have his name. This guy had knowledge and tools to see exactly what was wrong and what was needed to correct the issue and it was done in a matter of days.


These low level tier 1 and 2 support agents are just <Edited> dont have much knowledge on issues into getting a tech visit set up. Thats literally all they can do is schedule tech visits in home. In my case, this isnt neccessary. Im starting to see the same issue that 40 in home techs couldnt fix before because the problem isnt in my home.


We had an outage the other day and my stuff hasnt worked right since. One tech told me they put in a temporary line as a fix somewhere and that I needed to call back to make sure it was upgraded to a permanent fix. 


Bottom line is that I pay too much money a money and have had to deal with tech support far too long to start over with this issue again. I need real technical support with real diagnostic tools. 


How do I get that? Calling 1800Comcast surely isnt the way. Ive never been so insulted in my life each time I call that number. The automated system doesnt hear what you say, then you get transferred to someone <Edited> that cant help me at all. So how about it Comcast.....I need real support.