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How do I escalate a service request?

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How do I escalate a service request?

I entered a ticket with Comcast back in March to get the 10" plastic pedestal over the Comcast POP in our front yard replaced. It is only the plastic pedestal and has no impact on the cabling itself which I have explained numerous times to numerous people. When I called back to follow up in April, I was give ticket #046262726 and assured that the request would be expedited for resolution. At some point after that follow up I came home to find someone parking in front of our house with a trencher who said he was there to replace the cabling. I explained AGAIN that no one is to trench ANYTHING and that the cabling didn't need to be replaced. Simply the plastic pedestal cover over the POP. Was assured he would follow up with is boss . . . again, no action. Followed up again in May . . . assured it would be escalated . . . again no action. Followed up again yesterday and I'm expecting the same result. Does anyone have any idea how to get an actual person who knows something to take action on an issue? Back in February when we discovered the issue, we placed a garbage bag over the cabling to protect it as we are ultimately the customers who will experience issues/inconvenience if the cabling gets wet. It's a plastic cover put over POPs when subdivision infrastructure is put in. It's not brain surgery. If anyone has any idea how to get an issue escalated within the Comcast nightmare, I would appreciate it.
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Re: How do I escalate a service request?

Hi Daviva, I can help look into this for you.  Please send me a private message with your account information (your name, and phone number). 


Thank you