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How do I deal with so called "representatives" <Edited>??

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How do I deal with so called "representatives" <Edited>??

I thought I found the absolute best Comcast rep I had ever dealt with....and believe me I have had numerous dealings with Comcast over the years.  I spent a very long time with him on the phone regarding my bill that increases on a regular basis for no apparent good reason.  He was sooo understanding....which put me on guard immediately.  He agreed to lower my bill substantially and even give me more channels.  Long story short....that NEVER HAPPENED!!   I wasted so much time with this person.  So....I called back after receiving my bill and talked to someone who also promised me that she would make this right.  Again, I wasted my time on the phone with her.  I told her what this other guy had promised me, and she said that she would make that happen.....even offering a better deal.  Of course that never happened either.  <Edited>

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Re: How do I deal with so called "representatives" <Edited>??

Was it a normal department or the "loyalty" or "retention" departments?