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How can I get a service request resolved

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How can I get a service request resolved

How can you get a service request resolved? I have been contacting Comcast weekly since 10/19 about a low hanging cable wire. The idiots that live on the ground floor are using it to hang their laundry (another issue) but I contacted Comcast beginning on 10/19 and was given a ticket number and a date that they would resolve. Nothing happened so I contacted again on 10/27 and was told they would be here on 11/2. Well it is 11/3 and nothing so I contacted again and was told that they could not find my ticket at all so they created a new ticket and now the new contact date is 11/6.  I pay over $200/monthly for service and I cannot get a request answered nor can I get any help with finding another plan. I am ready to cut the cord on this service and go to the competitor. Any thoughts on how to get this resolved?


Re: How can I get a service request resolved

Hi msdeelr58 -- I can help get that line raised. I reviewed your account did find a job that completed after your post was made. Did that job resolve this line issue?