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How can I change my Comcast account username?

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How can I change my Comcast account username?

I just picked this forum because I originally signed up just for Internet service but it is a general question about Comcast services.


When I created my new account last week, I had problems establishing it because where I was living there was an existing Comcast account and it kept overriding my requests to create new service for where I was moving to. So, a technician in chat created my username. I did not pick it, he used part of one of my email addresses that I use for other matters.


So, now that I've expanded my service to Xfinity Connect and TV, I'm stuck with this awkward username that I did not choose. I'd like to pick a new one but the only questions I have found here through Search concern Community Forum usernames, not Comcast account primary usernames. What should I do? Thanks in advance for any answers you can provide.