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How can Comcast charge me for their infrastructure and wiring issues? $70 technician fees

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How can Comcast charge me for their infrastructure and wiring issues? $70 technician fees

I am being charged $70 for a problem with my internet service that stems from the poor cabling and infrastructure that Comcast is responsible for. 

I activated my new service at a new apartment this month with Comcast Xfinity. I pay my monthly bill so that I can use internet from their infrasture of cabling and networking. One week into my service my wifi went down and my modem/router could not connect to the network. The call representative I had was nice enough to run diagnostics, but could not get my modem online. She indicated that there might be a cable issue, or because I did self-installation of my own equipment, that potentially the issue was my fault. Perfectly fair thought, though I was confident the issue was not my own as I know how to plug in and register a router, especially when following the Xfinity instructions.

The CSR scheduled a technician to visit and fix the issue. The technician tested the network strength on my coax outlets and got very weak, almost no signal. He had to check around the apartment building and replace the line that connected to the entire building (I'm guessing from a telephone pole) He also had to replace a line that split from there directly into my unit, a line which originates outside and is slipped through a hole drilled straight into my room. In two places, Comcast's equipment was faulty and not working. Once the lines were replaced I could plug my router into the coax and got perfect signal to my equipment. 

Where Comcast lied was in telling me that the $70 charge would not be applied if the problem was truly their fault. At what point do I as a tenent become responsible for two bad cables that are OUTSIDE and on telephone poles! Comcast, come on.