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Horrible so far

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Horrible so far

So I sign up for TV/Internet and Voice online.  (offer included free Showtime for 12 months )

The order seemed to progress slowly and they finally gave me a date to run a cable that was a month out.  A couple weeks later I get a call from some agent wanting me to re-sign up because my order was canceled.    I NEVER CANCELED ANYTHING.   Apparently the order got auto cancled for not apparent reason.    I went in to xfinity store and said I never canceled,  give me the service.

They did , but said the free showtime was no longer part of the deal,  but they would look into it for me.   Of course they came back after things got installed and said... no free Showtime for you!


Help me understand why you won't give the customer(me) what they orginally signed up for when it was your stupid system that canceled my order.


This is not exactly a pleasant start to our relationship. If fact in may end very quickly since I'm still in the 30 day money back window.


Please give me a rational reason why I should be ok with this treatment?


Thanks a million,