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Horrible customer service

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Horrible customer service

Have been a customer for YEARS now and have experienced nothing but poor internet.
Constant outages happening multiple times a month usually lasting a full day each time..this company has been on CNN before for their extemely bad service and lack of proactiveness..They’ve cost me thousands of dollars already from outages where I can’t finish my work at home..this company has been like this for over 5 years and I don’t see them changing..they’ll repay you for the constant outages by giving you about 4dollars for a full day of outages..even though THEY made YOU lose hundreds of dollars delaying your work..if you ask them to come fix something THEY’VE messed up installing your internet they ALWAYS try to make it seem likes it’s YOUR fault so they can make money on THEIR mistakes and charge you for them fixing THEIR PROBLEM..I could keep going on and on for hours..long story short..DON’T SIGN A CONTRACT WITH XFINITY..IF YOU ALREADY HAVE YOU’LL LEARN THE HARD WAY TO NEVER MAKE THIS MISTAKE AGAIN..
Contacting CNN and Local news so they can hopefully make ANOTHER story on this and inform millions of the poor professionalism/customer service of this company.

Re: Horrible customer service

Would you like help? It's okay if you just want to rant. 


If you want help...

Start here: troubleshooting guide. If you still need help, please post your equipment details (make/model of your modem/gateway/router) and a screenshot of your signal levels and your error/event log. Thank you!

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