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Horrible Internet and Customer Service since day 1

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Horrible Internet and Customer Service since day 1

We have had a gigabit modem in our apartment since the end of June 2019 and have had nothing but problems.

The download speed and latency which we receive is completely unacceptable. The quality is not only false advertisement, but on par with the lowest internet package Comcast offers. The gigabit package is supposed to allow our devices to have up to 1000 mb/s of download speed (depending on the device), however our average download speed is between 90 mb/s - 180mb/s.

Since we have had Comcast we have had the service we have had several technicians come to our home. I have had many conversations with our district supervisor about the matter, with no improvement. Technicians have replaced all the cables in our apartment and the complex that we live in. They have also replaced our modem twice, even blaming it on thunder storms in the area at one point. The supervisor and other technicians have stated that it may be a problem at the tap. Whether they have looked into that or not, the problem is still exactly the same as when we received the service.

Many others in our neighborhood also experience the exact same problem. The Comcast techs come into our home and act as if it’s a joke because they are in our neighborhood that often when on the phone with other techs talking about it, directly in front of us. We have had appointments made and a Comcast tech show up two times now and park his vehicle and just leave and never step in the house or check anything outside.

We have also called to complain about our bill very frequently because of the service and speed we have received. A Comcast rep told me on the phone they could only comp us $10 dollars and it was corporate policy, after being on the phone for two hours with the billing department. The next week we came to find out our bill was raised $10 dollars rather than comped. I called again the first person the picked up comped me $60 dollars right off the bat, no problem. She relayed to me that Comcast does not have a corporate policy of only comping a bill $10 dollars and that i did not need to be transferred to billing.

We have three Xbox One's in our home. All of which get nowhere near the speed required to play online. They average at 80-120 mb/s hardwired (CAT 6 coiled cables) and over wifi. We have been unable to play them since we got the service. The latency Xbox recommends for online play is between 12-14 ms. We experience 50-175 ms of latency on every device regularly, not just the xbox's. They constantly get disconnected from servers (Microsoft, Call of Duty, Google, EA ), these are just examples of very large corporations with very dependable servers. The server connection disruption can happen anywhere between 2-30 minutes of using them. But that’s not all, streaming is also effected horribly. Netflix and Hulu both are constantly interrupted by poor connection, whether the image is pixelated or just drops connection. The signal strength to all xbox's are 99%+ over wifi. We even experience packet loss with a hardwired connection from time to time. We have a very expensive wifi extender that we have tried to use on multiple occasions as well with no impact or even worse results than direct wifi to the consoles.

Our cellphones have a very difficult time loading anything on social media or even a webpage while connected to the internet as well. We constantly have to disconnect from the wifi just to load things, which completely defeats the purpose of the wifi. We then have to use our data from our cellphone provider. We generally get better service with our carrier (Sprint) than through our own wifi in the same room as the modem. The download speed to our phones over wifi rages from 9-45 mb/s on average.

Our brand new Microsoft surface constantly disconnects from the wifi and has to be reconnected every 2-5 minutes, even while in the same room as the modem. It barely loads a web page it can take minutes sometimes as if we are on AOL in 1992. We have had the device looked at with the warranty and they assured us it was a problem with our internet provider. We tested this by taking it elsewhere in wifi it has no trouble at all with other wifi than our own.

The modem itself, as I stated, has been replaced twice. The cables all the way up from the basement have been replaced directly to the modem. The techs that were here required maintenance from our building to let them in to other people’s apartments to complete this task. The cable that goes to the modem has been stripped and reattached each time it was replaced as well.The technician notes from that day state maintenance never arrived; meanwhile they were here with them the whole time. Our service quality obviously stayed the same.

We are so fed up with calling and dealing with the same people and complaining on what seems like almost a weekly basis. We have a serious problem in our neighborhood that Comcast seems to just take very lightly. Meanwhile many people including myself are over paying for a mediocre service. The last Comcast rep in our home told me Comcast cannot guarantee speeds of wifi, which i can understand, but how is this speed hardwired and over wifi justified. This is a constant problem we experience every day with months now passing by and nothing has changed. We have heard countless excuses as to why our service isn’t working properly but the bottom line is, we need answers. Our complex is stuck with Comcast for now and we are out of options.