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Horrible Customer Service

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Horrible Customer Service

Today was suppose to be my installation day for Comcast. A Tech was scheduled  in the morining at (10:00am) and arrived on time. Once here, he began working on my serverice order. Just before he began installation he informed me that he  needed to drill a hole in one of my walls to provide cable to my 70' TV. I informed him that I did not want any holes drilled into my walls. He then stated  "you have two options, either I drill a hole or you will have to reschedule becasue I don't have the wireless box needed to provide wireless cable connection. I was shocked and upset by his demeanor so I asked if he could contact a collegue in the area to see if they had an extra box. Reluctantly, he did  speaking in his native languge of creole--which I do not understand. After going back an forth for several minutes and only being given 2 options, I asked to have his Supervisor's name. He said "why do you want my supervisor's name". I explained and he looked at me and stated "I'm not going to give you my Supervisor's name". Angrily, I told him to get the out of my house". Since he left this morning I've made several calls to Comcast and spoken to 10 people one of whom was a Supervisor and was told that another technician would be sent to my house today between 1pm and 3pm.  As of 4:14pm today, no one has showed up or called.  I have not gone gotten any work done due to being given the run around from countless Comcast representatives. Now I'm being told that there are not techs availalbe today and I will have to wait until tomorrow. It's ashamed that I'm fighting to become a customer.  Currently on hold waiting to speak to another Supervisor.

These are the people I've spoken to today:

Charles (initial Tech)


Justin(Stated he

Emma-ID 1944510

Jessica (Supervisor ID OSRMXH)

Andrea (Stated they do not have an ID)

Ilse- ID 2511846

Phoebe-ID _QI( this dosen't look like a real ID number)

Danny-ID 1011158

Ilse- ID 2511846



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Re: Horrible Customer Service

Hi Dynise04,  apologies for your experiences.  I am showing you called in and we were able to get another technician out for you, if this is not the case please let me know.


Thank you