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Home security alerts for someone else's account

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Home security alerts for someone else's account

For more than  week I have been recieving ARM/DISARM email alerts for some one else's home.  I do not have home securty on my account at all here in NJ, but I know the comings and goings of a familty in San Jose. 


I have attanmepted to contact Comcast support several times with no satisfaction. They do now even seem to understand the problem. They do not seem to have any interest maintaining the proivacy and securty for the customer for which I receive the alerts.   In fact, one rep named Ricky, told me to stop using my email account if I found the alerts an inconvenience.   When I expressed my frustration and let him know I was not pleased with his lack of competence, he became beligerent and told me to cancel my service if I wasn' t satisfied.   Way to go RIcky... 


In the meantime, if you are in San Jose and wondering why you aren't recieving emails pertaining to your alarm system, please relax knowing that I am getting them just fine and know whenver you leave the house.