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Help or let me cancel my TV service

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Help or let me cancel my TV service

I’m a long time Comcast/Xfinity customer, in both of my homes (IL and FL) and with my husband’s business. 


In our FL home we decided to upgrade our four boxes, and I was told that I needed professional installation.  We had a service tech come to our home mid-week, who was already angry he had this job thrown on him the last minute.  He ended up waking off the job, without telling us.  


We contacted Xfinity and they said we needed to move our tv service to wireless, but they weren’t sure if that was possible.  They gave me a guaranteed appointment tonight (Saturday) between 5 and 7.  We gave up long term plans to be home. No one showed up. 


I spent almost three hours on the phone with Xfinity tonight attempting to get another appointment or canceling our TV service. Three hours!  On top of over four hours this week spent on the phone.  The soonest they could come is in a week.  


It is unacceptable, that you had one ill-equipped employee walk off the job, especially after yelling at me that “the work ticket was dumped on him the last minute”, followed by the next tech not showing up at all, and finally telling me I have to wait an additional week for an install.  


I either need the install within the next two days, or I want to cancel my TV service (no one would let me cancel it tonight....I went through a number of supervisors). 


Help.  Please.