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My daughter moved into her apartment at <Edited> on 8/7/20, with a schedule installation of new Xfinity service that day from 12-2 pm. 

She received a text from the Comcast Contractor saying he was to arrive at 1:30, but he actually arrived at 3 pm.

When he arrived (late), he had no clue how to hook-up the service; worse yet, he repeatedly use foul languge to voice his fustration, and refused to wear his facemask properly (wearing it under his chin).

My daughter then Facetime me for advice, put the contractor on the phone, when I notice he was not wearing his mask properly. The contractor said there was nothing more he could do, and that she needed to schedule Comcast to come out and "wire her appartment."


But it gets worse and totally sexist. He then instructed my 26-year old daughter to call me, saying "Do you want to get your dad on the phone for explaination. I assume he is paying for the service." 


The contractor left and she called tech services the next morning (8/8), who scheduled another appointment for 8/10.  Another Comcast contractor arrive to tell her he couldn't do anything; that her apartment needed to be wired (actually what she told the comcast scheduling person on 8/8).


She then called Comcast multple times that afternoon (after the contractor left), only to be told that someone would call her on 8/9 to set-up the wiring appoitment.


As of 8/12, not one person from Comcast has called her to set-up the appointment.  

As of 8/12, she has no service in her apartment (BTW, the entire 44 story apartment building is exclusively Comcast services)


She is a full-time nurse and graduate student, with little time to deal with this horrable and sexist customer service.


PLEASE contact her, ASAP, at <Edited>