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Having trouble setting up a new account

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Having trouble setting up a new account

I'm switching from another provider because their service has been spotty for the last 3-4 months, plus they don't seem interested in my loyalty.


The gateway came today. I figured I'd get Xfinity set up, then call the other provider to cancel. My previous setup was co-ax --> Their modem/router --> Belkin Wi-Fi router --> Computers. I begin by swapping in the gateway, same setup.


First Problem: I get internet just fine, but can't use the smartphone app. It tells me there's "no open line." I get this response 3x.


Second Problem: I call up phone support because I can't validate for chat support. Tech person says there's an "account task" and she completes it. Modem now shows up in devices on my account, but I still can't use the app. Tech person reboots my router four times because she can't understand that I actually have internet; I just can't do the setup. I thank her and end the call.


Third problem: I notice my wi-fi is down. Well, not all the way down. My desktop can't find it at all. My phone and tablet can see it, but there's no connectivity beyond the dashboard. I rearrange the modems to co-ax --> Their modem/router -->  Computers + Belkin Wi-Fi router. This accomplishes nothing. I figure, "why not try the wi-fi in the gateway?" Sadly, when I go my account to try and set it up, there's only "Something has gone wrong". 


Thanks for any help.