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Have I been lied too again?

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Have I been lied too again?

Let's just say this my experience with Comcast has not been the greatest at all everyone tells me different things and says they will take care of this and that but there always ends up being more issues.
Knowing I was coming up on my agreement with Comcast I decided to continue my service and registered in another 2 year agreement with the most significant reason for me signing up was the fact I was told I'd be on 400mbs triple play plan with 220 channels... Well of course to my surprise Im wondering why I'm still at 250mbs after replacing all my hardware I call in and they tell me sorry you don't have that plan... I just don't know what to do any more reps on the phone don't get it straight reps in comcast store don't get it straight I guess my last resort is here... Then Facebook? Twitter? Im at a loss and I just want what I was told. Looking at starter plans the plan I I need just signed up for is at 400mbs but apparently not me... I'd really like some insight please
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Re: Have I been lied too again?

Hi Insaniak, I can assist reviewing this further for you on my side.   Please send me a private message with your account information (your name, address and account number).



Thank you