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My husband and I have owned our home for over a year and transferred our existing service with Comcast to the new house. We starting noticing temporary outages almost immediately but did not call in to have it researched until it became a problem that was starting to affect my work. Once we called in we had technicians out multiple times to to try and troubleshoot the issue. After a couple of months they were able to ascertain that the issue was theirs, meaning something was off at the pole where the cable was coming in. We were told that we would probably get a credit but it wouldn't be much and that we should call and complain. Well the credit came and it was only $20, insulting!. I called and complained and was offered a $40 credit instead and told in order to receive more I would have to speak to a manager, which I said was fine. When I finally spoke to a manager they were only able to offer and additional $40 for a total of $80 and some coupons for on demand valued at $30. This is still not enough and I told the manager that I should be reimbursed for at least a month of service. I explained to him that I work form home and had to use my hotspot or leave the house as I was unable to use the Internet that I was paying for. And that this issue went on for MONTHS. He told me because his "notes" only show we called twice (which I think is totally incorrect) that was all he would give us. After the techs came out, we had stopped calling in on the regular line as the techs told us to call them directly, that this would be faster. I tried to explain all this but got no where. At this pint we are very seriously considering cancelling our service and going elsewhere for cable and Internet. 

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