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HELP with Parents account

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HELP with Parents account

My father added me to their account recently.   . They are coming in from Florida and need to start cable again sometime late next week. They will have to pick up the boxes, etc. at our local office when they return. 

What offers are out there? They have never had internet but I would like to have that priced into their package. Internet and television. 230+ channels, 2 televisions, HD. They have a tiny TV they put on their back porch in summer but we don't want a box for that-just the little thing you can put on it to be able to get channels-it is just a 3 season room and just a 13 inch tv. 

They want DVR. Also they don't have a modem or anything because they have never had internet so can you rent a modem and how much is that? Is there anything else they would need or just hook up a modem? Where does it hook up if they have never had internet? 

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Re: HELP with Parents account

Hi UPSET6, I can help with this. could you please send me a private message with the account information.  


Thank you