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HD and DVR fee on top of triple play!

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HD and DVR fee on top of triple play!

I upgraded today to triple play with X1 - I got a sleek box and a cool remote and I’m driving home excited to plug into my 4K TV.

Being charger 104.99 for triple play plus all taxes would go to around $138

I get home, activate the box, HD channels were not included with my digital starter plan. They asked for another $10 for me to have HD.

Tonight I sat to record my channels, and found out my box didn’t have DVR functionality, called them to see what happened, they couldn’t say and if I wanted a DVR, it’d be another $10 a month.

So they advertise 104.99 and to have the expected product, you end up paying almost $160

Guess what, there’s a 30 days money back guarantee and I’m returning everything tomorrow.

I felt my intelligence has been violated.
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Re: HD and DVR fee on top of triple play!

Hi Cavalcanti1, apologies for your experiences when signing up for service.  If you would like I could review current promotions I have available for you, just send me a private message with your account information (your name, address and account number).


Thank you