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I subscribed to Xfinity internet on 3/5/2020, received self install kit by the end of the week, tech came and install new connectors to ground block on my house and at the Green Box, added a indentification tag to my cable in the Green Box.  I found a break in my exiting RG6 cable inside my house, replaced it with a new RG6 cable on 3/7/2020 with direct line to my new Netgear AC1900 model C7000v2 modem/router.


I tried to activate my account at this time, failed. So I go look at all my connections, everything is as should be, I look at the Green Box and see the cover is not setting properly on the stand, remove it and see the not connected line with a new connector and new ID tag on it. There are antitheft device on 3 of the 4 connections in the box with my neighbors hookup on the fourth. I have taken pictures of the box several times, nine pictures over the last two weeks.


I have been called three or four times, called Xfinity twice, got through once and was on hold for 1 hour and 10 minutes before I ditched the attempt. When they call me, they ask if I will restart my modem, try activating my account, send out a tech at $70.00 to check my system. One call wanted to terminate my account because I had not activated my account. I explain that the tech did not connect my cable inside the Green Box, they state that the tech signed off on the work order as complete. I tell them I have several pictures oof the box showing my cable is not hooked up, new end, new tag, not hooked up!


I've spent a good eight hours trying to convince Xfinity that I can not activate my account without the coax hooked up in the Green Box.


I talked with a very nice customer relations young lady yesterday, 3/20/2020 for about thirty minutes, I was not that pleasent with her and did apoligise for my displeasure with my experiance thus far.