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Good technical support!


Good technical support!

I was having severe problems late last week with pixelation and out-of-synch sound to the extent that the TV was unwatchable. Called Comcast support and the tech said that sending a signal refresh might solve the issue. While sending the refresh she also checked the line and informed me that she could definitely see problems there and would schedule a visit for the following day.


When no tech arrived at the time she mentioned I contacted Comcast again to learn that the tech was scheduled for the following day. I was pretty annoyed and said not to bother. The phone rep discussed my issues and suggested they probably wouldn't clear themselves up, so why not send a tech.


I agreed and the following day, a courteous and knowledgable tech showed up 10 minutes early and found the problem to be faulty connections in the box attached to the house and a split cable there. He replaced everything in the freezing weather and also scheduled the replacement of the underground cable from the feeder box and a new connector in the feeder box on the lawn.


I am as pleasantly surprised as I imagine most readers are with this excellent customer service. Both phone reps realized the problem and suggested sending a tech and the tech fixed what he could and scheduled additional maintenance after the ground thaws.


It's nice to acknowledge excellent support. Kudos to all involved.




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Re: Good technical support!

Hi Mr_Mike. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will pass along this feedback for you. Please let us know if you need any assistance with anything else.