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Given Wrong Info on Tripple Play Package

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Given Wrong Info on Tripple Play Package

Today I chatted with your rep and ordered the Triple Play and I found out later what I was told was incorrect. Chat reference number is 1677089. I was told price of 136 included all taxes and fees multiple times and found out after I ordered it it did not include taxes and fees so now my bill is 20 more. Also, I was quoted this price for 24 months and found out in my confirmation email that it is only for 1 year and after chatting with someone else, the price goes up by 25 dollars for the second year.  Why are your reps giving incorrect information? I am very disappointed with the service I received today and will continue investigation into Direct Tv.

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Re: Given Wrong Info on Tripple Play Package

Hello, and thank you for reaching out to us. I would be happy to assist you from here. Can you verify your account information with me? I would need your phone number, full name, and service address. You can private message me by clicking my name and clicking private message.