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Gigabit service but no XB6’s in Detroit?

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Gigabit service but no XB6’s in Detroit?

Been round and round for months trying to get an XB6 Gateway so I can upgrade to gigabit speed internet...keep being told no. See it on TV, it does EXIST, I pay my bill with the same money as others in other states. Makes ZERO sense.

Just got a flyer in the mail that AT&T Fiber is available at my address. Looks like I will be switching if I cannot get this resolved.

Anyone else having this issue. I live in the Metro DETROIT area.

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Re: Gigabit service but no XB6’s in Detroit?


Hi Dcherry3386, I see that we only offer Gigabit speeds in Detroit MI at this time which is why you are not able to find an XB6 in the area. The TV add that you see is a regional add, I apologize for the commercial giving you false hopes of having gig services. We are constantly expanding our gigabit network please check back later in the year for an update on when these speeds may be coming to your neighborhood.