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Gigabit misinformation from different reps. 5 Questions

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Gigabit misinformation from different reps. 5 Questions



I've been a Comcast customer for 8 years.  I have Internet only, 300Mbps.


I saw an offer online when I logged into my account to upgrade my plan to 1Gbps for only $10 more than what I pay currently.  I called support and spoke with a representative.  He said "I've been here 16 years, I can see offers that other reps can't, let me see what I can do."  He said that he could add the additional speed, but my modem was not fast enough.  That is true, it is a DOCSIS 3.0 modem.  He said I can either stop by a Comcast store to pickup the modem, or buy one myself. He confirmed the plan was NO contract.


I asked him to send me a list of compatible modems and I would grab one myself on the way home.  He confirmed that is fine, just give a call when I have the modem and they can activate the service.  I received the email.


I did purchase a compatible modem on the way home.  I called support and they said it was no problem, but they have to have a professional installation done.  I advised of my previous conversation and that I had purchased a modem.  I was advised there is no way to activate the service without a professional installation.  She stated she would have her supervisor talk to the other rep's supervisor because what he gave me was misinformation.


I spoke with the supervisor and was told that yes, a tech would have to come out and it would be a non-refundable $70 charge.  She stated they have no way to check if gigabit speed is offered at my house without a technician visit.   Even if the tech came out and said "no, we don't offer it here." it would be a non-refundable $70.  Also, the offer was a 12 month contract.  I do not want a contract.


I pulled up the online offer as I was on the phone with the supervisor.  It bundled 10 channels of TV, which I don't need, but had my address and the gigabit speed for NO contract.  I asked why I would be offered the deal if it wasn't available for my address.  She said she couldn't get around the professional installation fee--even though I had the compatible modem in hand.  She put me on hold as she contacted the Gigabit team. 


After the hold I was advised to go ahead and go through with the offer that was online, even though it included TV.  I was advised I could just call back and use the "Satisfaction Guarantee" to have the TV portion removed and the gigabit speed remain in the plan.  I proceeded to checkout and got a confirmation number.  That's all.  No email, no notification on my account.  Just a confirmation number.


Here are my questions:

  1. Are Customer Service Representatives able to offer different plans based on their tenure with the company? He said that specifically: "tenure".
  2. Is it true that I could sign up for Gigabit service, get charged a non-refundable $70 installation fee (even if I have existing service and my own modem) only for the technician to say that it is not available and drive away?
  3. I was told that the supervisor to whom I spoke and the supervisor of the representative who apparently gave me the misinformation would play the call and review it.  Does that occur?
  4. Is there any consideration provided to me for the hassle of going out and purchasing a modem based on the good faith provided by your representative?
  5. Can I use the Satisfaction Guarantee to remove the TV portion of the bundle, but keep the gigabit internet speed?

Thank you,


B. Gregory