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Getting rid of Comast-supplied distribution amplifier

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Getting rid of Comast-supplied distribution amplifier

First, the background. 


When my service was installed, the tech said that the incoming signal level was right at the lower limit, even after replacing the drop to my house.  He installed an amplifier to boost it.  It is powered by an adapter connected to an unused cable outlet in a differnet room from the rest of the equipment.  Comcast just replaced the main cable on my street.


I'm wanting to install a UPS on my modem.  I know there's a battery available, but that only powers the phone, and might be useless anyway since the amplifier would lose power.  What I'm needing to find out is if I can get Comcast to come out and check the signal level now that the cable has been replaced, to see if the amplifier is still needed.  If it isn't, I can install the UPS and possibly still have internet during short power outages.