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Getting Up and Running Again

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Getting Up and Running Again

So, the most widely used commodity (INTERNET) during this covid-19 and your customers cant get in contact with anybody?


My modem went down this morning, it is now 2pm and I am still playing cat and mouse with your phone service.  They are doing all the resets I have done over and over again to which I have yet to speak to an agent to get a tech out to replace my modem.


The kicker is I tried using the chat system.  Took them 35 minutes (mostly me waiting for replies) for the person to tell me I had a tech appointment, but NO APPOINTMENT WAS MADE.


This needs service needs to start being monitored by the government just like all other utilities.  I missed a days worth of work, and now it looks like I will miss another day and my son will do the same with his school work.


Thanks you get for enrolling into autopay and paying consistently for over 5 years.