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Furious over orange cable across yard without notification

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Furious over orange cable across yard without notification

I am furious that an orange cable was layed across the very center of my yard without notifying me first.  I have two (TWO) deck parties scheduled this weekend.  Regardless that I've worked 20 hours this week on my lawn and garden, I now have a big orange cable across the center of the yard as its focal point.


A simple knock on the door or phone call could have notified me.  I've been home all week.  I would have requested a 3-4 day delay or  to have the cable buried by Friday.  Horrible, horrible disregard for the community.  I am one person, but I will ensure that this treatment (or rather lack thereof) is spread to as many as social media outlets as I use.


Request to Comcast technicians: Do not bury the cable until after this weekend; it will make the yard an even bigger mess.  Contact me before any further work in by yard.  Let me stress again that this is across the center of my yard, not along it.  I want  to discuss with an experienced technician the options for routing and burying it.  I am planning to build a retaining wall next month.  If Comcast does not coordinate with me, it is likely that the cable will must be rerouted again when the wall is installed.


Note thatI am also making a call-in complaint that will have my phone number.  You can also obtain my phone number from my profile (which I HOPE is restricted to only Comcast employees).