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I don't know if this the correct forum. But I am completely disgusted with Xfinity. I signed up just over a month ago and since than there has been the rep not calling me back, apparently no one knows how I got signed up there, screen freezes almost daily, learned really quick if to unplug wire... now barely a month in I have to have service guy come out and fix my tv. No survey I was asked to take after 8/9 phone calls so far (apparently they don't want ur opinion if it's not a good one) and no call back from supervisor like o asked. It's been a joke. Thank goodness I'm only in a contract another 22 months!!!!

Re: Frustrations

Hi Swani51 -- Sorry to hear about all these issues. Do you have anything ongoing that has yet to be resolved? If so, we can get you taken care of here.