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Frustrated with limited options for changing plans

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Frustrated with limited options for changing plans

Last year, I was talked into signing up for a 2-yr double-play (TV + internet), where the first year would be at 69.99 and the second year at 89.99.  I was told not to worry about the second year pricing, as I could simply call in and sign up for a different promotion.

I just got off the phone with a comcast support person and I couldn't be more unsatisfied.

The service person, Nikesha, was initially very polite and thanked me for being a loyal customer.

But when I asked if there were any new promotions that were equal to or less than the 69.99 price, she became increasingly rude.  Nikesha kept repeating "There are NO PROMOTIONS at that price" while her voice became louder.  I then asked if we could reduce the channels or speed of internet or both, and she grudgingly "put together a package" on her computer and said it would be the same cost.  I can't even ask to speak to the Customer Retention department as I still have a year remaining on my contract.

I am so upset at myself for believing the initial Comcast person in thinking I could easily adjust my plan after year one.

Just want to see if that truly is my only option... which is to ride out this contract, paying the higher price.