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Frustrated with Getting Service - Comcast Business

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Frustrated with Getting Service - Comcast Business

About 6 months ago I contacted Comcast to get service to a farm we were moving to.  I was told it would be no problem getting service.  I kept calling and requesting to get a tech out to verify - but no one was ever sent out.  

We moved in over three months ago and a tech finally came out and told us - nope you don't have a connection.  Great...

So we scheduled Residential and Business to come out and give us a quote.  Residential worked with us, and got us a quote for running the lines over our power lines - $4200.  Business gave us a quote of $22k to run cables underground.  Through our sales focal on Business we have requested about 20 times to have Business give us a quote to run the lines over the power line.  Crickets.  Nothing.  They are not responding to our sales rep, no one has contacted me - they dropped off the face of the Earth.

We have been living/ working here for coming up on 4 months without internet, using our phones for hotspot and its getting infuriating.  How do I escalate this?!  Why is Comcast Business not responding?!  Not even to my Sales Rep!

This is absurd!

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Re: Frustrated with Getting Service - Comcast Business

As this is the residential forum try the Business Forum

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