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Fiber Node Guidelines

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Fiber Node Guidelines

I live in a non serviced Comcast area with inferior internet service. The franchise agreement is up and where is the competion? I am lucky to get 20-30mbps; paying for 150mbps. Does Comcast run fiber to fiber nodes that are within 1000 yards of service drop? I live in an underground subdivision with 2004 coax underground. Should this coax be replaced from each homes underground tombstone? Should fiber go to each tombstone? I have had Comcast at two different accounts in NH and was state of the art! It is not available where I live and might not ever be.? What are some of the guidelines, standards or specifications that Comcast adheres to? What should my cable company be delivering to me?


Re: Fiber Node Guidelines

Hi johnbqbjw -- I can get you more information about extending service into your area. Please send me a PM with your name, address, and best contact information. I will forward this information to our serviceability team to assess your area.


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