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False package pricing and hidden fees

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False package pricing and hidden fees

I am so angry at Xfinity right now that I will probably be cancelling my service in the morning. I just wasted an hour shopping for internet/TV packages because I wanted to upgrade my internet-only plan. I finally picked the plan I wanted advertised at $79 monthly. Since this is less than I currently pay for internet-only, I was very excited to sign up.

I went through the entire process of upgrading my account only to be notified in the final step that there are MANDATORY sports and broadcasting fees totaling $12 per month. Since these fees are MANDATORY and cannot be removed, why were they not included in the initial package price? Why did I have to waste my time trying to sign-up only to learn at the END of the process about these mandatory fees that drive the package price up above my budget tolerance? Seems like a very dishonest way to do business to me!

To make matters worse, had I signed up for this package, I would have been locked into a year contract while these mandatory fees can be increased at anytime. Xfinity can raise these fees as much as they want anytime they want and I'm stuck either paying the increased fee or paying an early cancellation fee. Again, not a very honest way to do business in my opinion.

I have read alot of complaints in these forums about the mandatory fees and the answer from Xfinity is always that they are needed to cover the cost of broadcasting sports and local channels. Okay, but why are they mandatory for everyone? Why not charge a higher fee to those who want to watch sports or local channels? I hate sports and I use an HD antenna to receive local channels, so I have no desire to receive these from Xfinity

In any case, at least be honest and upfront about these fees by including them in the package price instead of hiding them at the end of the sign-up process. I realize that this would require that Xfinity forfeit their right to raise the fees in the middle of a contract term, but really that is a pretty lousy thing to do anyway. If the customer is locked into paying a certain amount for the entire contract tetm, then why shouldn't Xfinity be locked into accepting that same amount as payment in full? It's bad enough to have to pay fees for services you don't want, but it is downright scary to think that those fees can increase to any amount Xfinity chooses and the only choice is to pay the increase or pay an early cancellation fee. It kind of makes the contract a little one-sided, doesn't it?

I will be searching for a new internet/TV provider in the morning. I don't expect this rant or my leaving Xfinity to change anything about the dishonest way Xfinity does business, but venting my frustrations in this post has made me feel a little better, so it's been worth it.
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Re: False package pricing and hidden fees

All service providers have those specific fees (local and regional sports) if those channels are included in your package.  They do vary by provider in the same area so you'll have to repeat the process on those other providers to find out what their fees are.


I agree that they should be up front if they are manditory.  They are allowed to do this because they vary by location, like tax, so they are allowed to not show them.


Another reason (that I've read) is that fees are exempt from utility rate changes that require government approval.  They stick those fees in there and are able to change them without needing to go through the normal process.


Re: False package pricing and hidden fees

It's one of the reasons I cut the cord a long time ago. The rental fee for the box + HD Technology Fee + Broadcast TV Fee + Sports Fee adds too much to the bottom line. I just don't watch much broadcast TV, so it wasn't a good value to me. 

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