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Failed Service

Last night (Wed. 1-4-18) internet service was disrupted causing a streaming show to have to resume only after a hard restart of the cable modem. This morning a similar disruption caused a lack of phone service, again because of the cable modem. If this happens again, I'm going to have to insist that the cable modem be replaced or other connectivity issues be looked into. I am not going to continue paying for services which continue to fail. I am making a record of this complaint and going higher up with it. Thank you. [Sent to Chat since there is no formal email address for xfinity or comcast] [And now sending here]


Re: Failed Service

I'm user too and used to have simular issues. my fix is 1. buy codless phone system, and plug the base into your Comcast modem, that allows you to keep your secondary phones anywhere. 2. buy a seporate wifi router plug into Comcast modem, problems solved!  I got both at Costco for about $200, well worth it.