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'FREE" WIFI pods promise <Edited>. I might pay the fee to cancel service!

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'FREE" WIFI pods promise <Edited>. I might pay the fee to cancel service!

I had my Comcast service installed on 3/2/2020. My home is 3400 square feet. At installation, the tech recognized that we had two dead spots in my home, but he told me not to worry. After a 2-week assessment period, I'd definitely receive my free Xpods. He even showed me where in my home I should place the pods once they arrived.


I did not hear back from Comcast (although they say they emailed me on 3/17- day 2 of Corona Craziness), so I called last week. The agent told me that my house did not pass the assessment. That seemed absurd, given my conversation at start-up. I can't even use the printer in my home office without a hard wire.


The first agent that I spoke with, Lauren, kept giving me the company spiel- "I understand your frustration, blah, blah, blah." I didn't need to hear what she leaned in customer service training. I had a pretty straightforward issue. So, I asked to speak to someone else. After a few transfers, during which no agent really could explain the assessment criteria, I got an agent who told me that the assessment looks for dead spots and failed connectivity in my home. I told him, "We've got TWO dead spots! And- we don't have a number of failed equipment connections in the home because we don't try to connect in the areas where there are dead spots!" I refuse to pay for the xpods they offered to send me for $119.


After being on hold for 30 minutes, the call was disconnected. I called back, and got a nice Southern gentleman named Roy who promised to have a supervisor call me. A supervisor called me back about an hour later, and told me to come to the website to protest the assessment. So here I am. At this point, I'm willing to cancel my service and pay the early-out penalty. I will be doing this as soon as things die down and I can get another company's technician in my home!