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F forraud charges on my account

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F forraud charges on my account

I have had excessive fraud charges on my account for months now, and X-Finity refused to credit my account.  Someone is ordering movies and they are being billed to my account.  I think there is an inside scam issue with X-finity or someone has hacked into my account.  I was charged over $131.00 for On Demand movies which I did not watch or order.  When is this nonsense going to stop.  X-Finity does not care about their customers.  All they care about is customers paying their bills in full.  I was told I would only receive $50.00 in credit from the $131.00 because the movies were watched.  I didn't watch the movies nor did I order them.  This is an on-going issue with X-finity and it continues month after month.  X-Finity needs to find better security features or at least believe their customers when they complain month after month of being charged for movies they did not rent.  Instead it continues and continues month after month.  X-finity owes me a lot of money for overcharges, but they won't credit me - they will send nasty messages about cutting off my service just because I refuse to pay for something I did not order.  What would they do - they would do the same thing.  I need someone to figure out who's stealing on the inside or outside and stop charging me.

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Re: F forraud charges on my account

The SAME EXACT THING has been happening to me! I spent 2 hours on the phone with them the last time, before I got refunded, and now I see it's still be happening for several months. I have auto mated payments from my bank account to pay them . That's going to have to stop , as well as I will probably have my TV service cut off, and just keep the Phone and Internet. They owe me an extra $91.87 credit!