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Extra Charges

I have been an xfinity customer for two and a half years and recently changed to another company. I had a horrible experience with my recent move.  I was charged $21 for a "transfer fee" and was not told about that in advance, then I was changed a $40 installation fee for the new house which I was also not informed about in advance. I had someone show up to install the cable in my backyard. I was given 30 minutes notice and was already at work for the day. I tried to reschedule but was not allowed to when I called customer service. The serviceperson jumped over my fence to access my yard. My yard is locked for security purposes. I have large dogs so I always keep my yard locked. I was then charged a $110 termination fee even though I have been with comcast for 2.5 years. When I called to talk with someone about the charge, the representative on the phone was rude and condescending to me. When expressed to him that I felt he was being rude he continued to argue with me about not being rude. I then asked to speak to his supervisor. He asked if I wanted to receive a callback instead of being put on hold. I told him no because last time I agreed to a callback I never received a call. I was put on hold then disconnected. I had to call again and deal with the process all over again. This is exactly why I am leaving Xfinity. That combined with I was paying for high speed internet and only getting a quarter of the speed I was guaranteed.


Re: Extra Charges

There are fees associated with transferring service. The agent should have gone over any charges with you and had you approve the changes and/or one time fees before going forward with your order. Comcast can review the records if you wish to dispute the fees.


You should have had a scheduled installation date/time. I don't understand why a tech would randomly show up at your home with a 30-minute warning. I've also never heard of an agent refusing to reschedule an appointment for a customer. Neither of these things are in-line with Comcast policy.


Comcast (and other utilities) have a right to access your property at reasonable times to service their equipment or make repairs. You also agreed to give Comcast access to your property when you signed up for services.  


It's not unusual for the call center supervisors to be unable to take calls. In this case, you are put in a queue to get a return call from the supervisor. There is nothing more the agent can do for you if you are unhappy with their solution. 


Are you looking for someone to review the situation and charges? 





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