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Exposed cables/wires

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Exposed cables/wires



I live just outside Nashville, TN, and there is a large orange wire sticking up out of the ground in my front yard. I believe it is one of the conduits to service most of the neighborhood and is not properly installed to the transformer box or whatever it is. It is sticking up out of the ground over the span of about 8 feet...and has been like this for over 2 years. 


Can you please help me identify how to get this fixed? I at first thought it was an AT&T wire, but after getting a technician to assess the situation, they determined it was a Comcast wire and would not fix it. 


I'd be happy to supply my address or contact the apporpriate parties, but I'm tired of this eyesore in the front yard of my NEW house. Two years is long enough to wait for someone to make it right...and as a Comcast customer, this is ridiculous. 


Thank you for your prompt attention. 

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Re: Exposed cables/wires

Hi @jodadesign


Welcome to the Xfinity Forum and thanks for posting your question. Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! I'm sorry you've had to deal with this for the last two years and would be happy to help get a crew out to have this taken care of, so it's no longer an eyesore for you and others passing by. Due to the evolving situation in our country, there may be delays in your area, but I'll be your POC until its fixed. 

Can you please send me a private message with your first and last name and the name of the account holder? To ensure I'm looking at the right account, can you also verify the house number associated with your service address so I can assist you? To send a private message, click on "ComcastChe" and then click send a message.   

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