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Existing customers - looking for a better deal

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Existing customers - looking for a better deal

I've been a Comcast customer since 2015 and had been a customer for many years before that as well.  I'm about to become an "ex-customer" again because my bill is $185/mo, many channels we don't watch, includes HBO and Showtime but it is just so uncompetitive compared to what is out there. I've called Comcast twice about this and have gotten the same line both times "we cannot get you a better deal", however today I see really good deals for new customers with about the same level of channels that I have for $74.99 / mo !!! Yet this was never offered to me, so existing loyal custmers are treated much worse than new customers.  

A few days ago I was on the phone with a Comcast sales rep and after she didn't offer me any new deals, I told her I wanted to go from what I have today to just the Internet and that I was going to shop around and choose from the many streaming serivces available today, and she actually quoted me $95 / mo for only internet, I nearly dropped my phone as I was so stunned. I asked her about lower speed because I didn't need 100 mbs and she takes $5 / mo off the price. I told her that major competitors offer the internet at those speeds for $40 / mo and Comcast is offering the same thing at double the price..... After I was clearly frustrated to no end and about to hang up she tells me, she can do a 12 month internet only deal for $49 / mo. plus equipment rental so $59 / mo.  I was so angry by this point I told her I couldn't talk further and would think about what I'm going to do.

So if you are monitoring these post Comcast - you really need to help me out with some better alternatives, because if you lose me completely it will be difficult to get me back as a customer. 

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Re: Existing customers - looking for a better deal

Hi, g12196 - We offer new customers an introductory rate for the specific period. After the introductory period offer expires, the price does go to the regular rate. There are several companies who use the same business model. I would be happy to check if we have any available promotions in your area that will satisfy your needs. Please send me a private message and include your full name, the account holder's name and address as it's listed on the billing statement, a phone or an account number. Click on my name ComcastElla, then click Private Message Me