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Existing Customers treated poorly

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Existing Customers treated poorly

I currently have 

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Free HBO

 Just came off a 2-yr contract and my billl went up $50. Contacted customer service and they didnt get me any better promotions. But tried to get me to add more stuff for a cheaper price. I just want to get rid of HBO and a bill not over $200+. Being a loyal customer doesn't mean nothing. 

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Re: Existing Customers treated poorly

Note that All post similar to yours and mine have no replies!

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Re: Existing Customers treated poorly

 Hello, and thank you for reaching out to us. I would be happy to check and see if there are any available promotions for you if you would like. To protect the privacy of your account, please send me a private message verifying your first and last name, street address including city state and zip code, and the full account number or phone number associated with your services. To send a private message click on my name, then click private message me.