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Exceedingly worst unprofessional service from Comcast Technicians

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Exceedingly worst unprofessional service from Comcast Technicians

I have arranged for tech visit for February 3 1pm-3pm -   Technicians arrived 2 hours 20 minutes late. Once in my house after 15 minutes of trying to resolve my speed issue, they paused and they said we will be right back.  I had half a dozen places to go and things to do, I waited and waited, I asked only chat support the whereabout of these technician and chat support said they don't have direct telephone contact with technician (Absurd!).  I was told later by Chat support they had reported they completed the job and claimed the issue was resolved.  I was shocked if such a big lie exists from big service provider. Is dishonesty wired in the system raning from false internet speed, to technicians who disappear in the middle of supporting a client.  Even my children and the whole family heard that and waited for hours. What a disgrace to Comcast.  This is unexpected from Comcast and  I can imagine if customers are treated with such a disrespect.  I need to request who has quality control over the technicians besides automated request.  After they completed the job, they don't even have some note to let the customer sign or share the problem and solution. Just run away to avoid the customer...besides my complaint I need my issue to be reported as incomplete and unresolved. and technicians informed that they spoilt so much of my day by saying "Just wait we are coming back" I thought they left to bring back some device, equipment or a solution.... Sad day like another sad day with Comcast...  


Re: Exceedingly worst unprofessional service from Comcast Technicians

I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

I am not a Comcast employee, just a moderator. Pls observe Wheaton's Law.