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Escalation on Ground team doesn't work

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Escalation on Ground team doesn't work

Right now I'm beyond mad with your 'customer service'. We build a new house in 33983 and tried to get hooked up by you guys since 12/7/2018. Here's a little timeline:
12/7/2018 Tried to sign a contract, but couldn't because the address of the new house wasn't in the system yet.
1/9/2019 After a couple more chats the address is finally in the system, so we can sign the contract. We wanted to acknowledge that there is no direct internet line to the house yet (because of new development). But support says a Comcast employee has to confirm that. Appointment set to 02/05/19
02/05/19 Comcast employee comes along, confirms there is no ground line, leaves after 5 minutes. Later that day phone call to confirm appointment for the ground team for 2/13 and home team for 2/14
2/13 ground team does a no show
2/14 home team comes, sees there is nothing done by ground team. Checks his app says 'well here it says its done', leaves after 5 minutes. We go to local service center, girl at the counter says she will escalate this situation to the supervisor. New apointment set for ground team on 2/20 and house team on 2/21. They will call us within 24 hours back for status update.
2/18 Nothing happend so we went back to the local service center. Guy tells us there was no escalation email sent on Thursday so he did sent it again and told us it is guaranteed that the ground team will show up on Wednesday.

Today is Wednesdays 2/20 and the ground team didn't show up today, which means tomorrow at 8am the house team again won't be able to connect us. We moved in the new house on the 02/05/2019 and we don't have WiFi and TV for 2 weeks now!

Why does everything only work over a call center? Why can't I call a local supervisor when there is a no show of your service? Or even better why can nobody in a service center call a men in charge and asked what's happening then rather sent him an e-mail which seems to be ignored?