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Error Code XRE-03121

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Error Code XRE-03121

Once again I would like to thank COMCAST for not showing for another appointment to fix their "equipment" in the housing development.  Our neighborhood has had to deal with pixilation and no picutre for over 30 day.  COMCAST was scheduled to come yesterday to repair their equipment OUTSIDE...NO SHOW.  All our TV's are worse than ever.  Tired of calling and being told the same thing....restart, unplug, etc. COMCAST representative confirmed the signal strength is fine to all the TV's, but when we mention we are waiting on COMCAST to repair their equipment outside it goes silent.  No one needs to enter anyone homes and charge us, when the issue is very visable outside at the COMCAST box? 


Re: Error Code XRE-03121

Did you already have a tech visit?

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