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Equipment that was lost/stolen by a Comcast employee during installation!

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Equipment that was lost/stolen by a Comcast employee during installation!


Long time customer... and that of long time terrible customer service experience. I have moved to my new residence and had an install on Aug 7th, 2017. On this install date, I personally told the installer to install my modem (that i purchased myself) so I did not have to pay the rental fee for a modem through comcast. Fast forward, I am being charged a rental fee and called comcast customer service whom stated that the modem serial number I am using at my house is that of a serial number belonging to comcast. Ok, so I check and am missing 2 of my modems that I had personally purchased and handed to the installer for him to pick which would work best. SO he what took my equipment and gave me one of comcast owned modems (not gave me but you know rented me for $10 monthly). Mistake? Theft? Where are my modems; the 2 that I gave the installer and personally told to install one of these so i do not get charged a rental fee? I spoke several times to comcast customer service including speaking to LEX, a supervisor, most recently. I opened a ticket weeks prior to speaking to LEX, ticket #04401xxxx, and at that time I was suppose to get a call within 48 hours. Well, I was never called back but 1 month I was not charged for a modem rental; ok so i assume this is handled. Fast forward again another month, currently getting charged for a modem rental, again. I spoke with LEX the supervisor on 11nov17 who related (after being on the phone for long periods of time AGAIN) that the ticket was closed and there is nothing he can do. So I ask what is the installers ID number so I can file a police report for my stolen equipment? LEX response to everything is to go to a comcast store where they can assist me further. I tell LEX that the store will probably have no clue what I'm even talking about as everytime I call or talk to someone new I have to repeat my story over and over like a broken record. I ask for a corporate phone number, again I am told I have to go to a comcast store as they will have that info. So basically I spend countless hours trying to figure out what happened to MY equipment that I purchased and have ZERO HELP. ZERO HELP even trying to track down who the installer was who made this mistake accidently or blatanty took my equipment during the install. LEX also tells me that the ticket that was opened is now closed. HOW IS THIS TICKET CLOSED- NOTHING IS SOLVED!!!!???? No recontact was ever made to me, oh other than you wanting your money for your monthly service! You can reach out and get that money (including a modem rental fee) but can't reach out to figure out where my $200.00 or so worth of equipment is. LEX waived the rental fee for 2 months which I thank you but it should be waived for endless months, almost as if I HAVE MY OWN EQUIPMENT like i previously did at my old residence where I was NEVER ever billed for modem rental because why? Oh, BECAUSE I HAD PURCHASED MY OWN MODEM!!!! Check your records for that. Check your records to find out who my installer was and reach out to them to find my equipment. I pay my bills on time everytime, I have been a customer for around 10 years and delt with your terrible customer service in the past. I told my roomate that when we moved I will not have comcast in my house due to the fact of such horrible customer service and countless hours on the phone in the past. She related that she would handle talking to comcast when we move and that we would still ultilize your service. Here I am trying to find MY MODEMS, again dealing with terrible customer service, I  have never ever experienced such uselessness on this level through comcast until this incident. I have everything documented and am prepared legally to pursue this criminal matter. Your company should have handled this internally, why am I asked to go here do this do that call here call this open this ticket blah blah. NO- YOU DO THAT- this is my equipment that you guys lost. If I took comcast property I would be charged for it and debt collectors would be calling me. Here I am posting on a blog because customer service of course can not help at all. They are useless. I call a corporate phone number that just brings me to the basic comcast customer service hotline where the robot does not transfer me to anywhere that can help nor understand humans. The humans I do talk to keep transfering me to other people who have no clue what to do or why I am calling because none of this information is documented or shared within comcast because comcast does not care. Customer service does not care. Supervisors push me along like I am not their problem. I AM YOUR PROBLEM, I NEED YOUR HELP WITH THIS ISSUE.


Re: Equipment that was lost/stolen by a Comcast employee during installation!

I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

I am not an employee.
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Re: Equipment that was lost/stolen by a Comcast employee during installation!

Hello michaelr1010. We are going to have to research your claim to the theft of your modems by a Comcast Employee. Please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can assist you. 


We will also need to know the modem equipment identifying information. Please also private message the following modem information for each you claim was stolen:

  • Make:
  • Model:
  • CM MAC Address:
  • Proof of purchase:

I understand the information for one of these should match the modem currently on your account, as you stated the technician used one to activate your service on.