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Equipment Recovery

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Equipment Recovery

I canceled service a couple weeks ago and now I’ve been receiving calls and emails about returning equipment. Here is the email.

Thank you for your Comcast/Xfinity service at .... Due to a service change, the Comcast/Xfinity equipment should now be returned. If the equipment was returned recently, please disregard this email. If not, Comcast/Xfinity's business partner, Complete Recovery can assist in returning the equipment.

I did not have any Comcast equipment becaus I used my own. How do I stop receiving these calls and emails
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Re: Equipment Recovery

Hello, and thank you for reaching out to us. I would be happy to assist you from here. Can you verify your account information with me? I would need your phone number, full name, and service address. You can private message me by clicking my name and clicking private message. Thank you