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Emergency setup and sign in

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Emergency setup and sign in

Why do I keep getting an emergency account setup.  they keep asking for a mobile phone number.  I don't have a mobile phone and I don't intend to get one.  You people seem to think every body has a mobile phone.  I would like very much to get rid of  this.  Also why do I have to sign in rwo or three times during every internet session wjhen it says sign in is supposed to last 2 weeks.

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Re: Emergency setup and sign in

Unfortunately, you can't get rid of it.  The best you can do is to click "remind me later", in tiny font at the bottom of the page.  It does keep it from coming back for a while, until you clear your cache or delete cookies.  Same issue with me;  my cell is "already associated with an account", and I don't have or want a non-Comcast email address.


Not sure what's going on with staying signed in;  it seems broken.  I have to sign in every time, and every new page.