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Efforts to restructure Comcast package?

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Efforts to restructure Comcast package?

I am on a premier package for several years that had all the premium HD movie channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, TMC, etc.  It was one of the bundles that does not exist any more.  I use TIVO and don't have any of the comcast boxes.

Recently, comcast decided to stop working with TIVO at least regarding Video on Demand.  There push seems to be to force the use of the comcast box or some kind of streaming app using third party devices.  So, for now, we don't get VOD which was part of our package b/c of a comcast choice.  First reduction in service.

Now we learned that comcast has removed Cinemax channels from the package we have had for several years.  There was no price credit for this second reduction in service.  We are told we can add it back but at a cost of $12 per month.  Seems if comcast prices Cinemax at $12 ala carte and then takes it from a package where it was included to be priced separately, it should credit the cost back to the customer who was and still is paying for it but so far that has not happened.

I have spent 2+ hours talking with customer support and billing and all they say is "pay the $12 if you want it back" or live without it.   Both of them said that some other department on customer loyalty, customer retention or angry customer group might be able to help.  I am not optimistic. 

One of the customer service people today offered to reduce my monthly bill by about $30 as a great option but then she admitted that all she was doing was downgrading to a current package that has no premium channels at all included. 

Are there no retention or loyalty employees on the forum apparently?

Anyhow, the question I have for the customers is whether anyone has actually talked with this mysterious department and have they been able to address these problems?  If so, what kind of solutions did they give and were they acceptable?