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East Coast Outage - Estimate

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East Coast Outage - Estimate

Down in Baltimore MD since 2:14 pm Friday, March 2nd, they have said it would be back up by


Saturday, March 3rd 2:14 pm - It wasn't, then they said

Saturday, March 3rd 9:30 pm - It wasn't, then they said

Sunday, March 4th 1:30 pm - It wasn't.


Now I am here on; Saturday, March 4th at 5:05 pm and still no Cable, Internet or Phone. The representatives have been no help other than to "escalate the situation." I don't ask for them to hurry I ask that they have a realistic expectation on their website.

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Re: East Coast Outage - Estimate

I'm truly sorry for the frustration. Please click on my name and send over a private message with your full name and the phone number listed on the account. I'll be happy to help get this service issue resolved.