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Early Termination fee for dying and 365 days without a refund.

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Early Termination fee for dying and 365 days without a refund.

I have spent the last 12 months calling xfinity to get a refund for early termination fees and programming fees for my fathers service. I refuse to spend one more minute on the phone with a rep so this is my last shot before I look into legal action. 


My father lived alone and passed away one year ago today. The day after his death I called Comcast to notify them that he had passed and to disconnect his service. After a few back and forth of him saying could I put my father on the phone so he could authorize me to talk about his account and me having to say, that will be hard becase as I just told you he is no longer alive, I was told that I wasn't authorized on the account and that I had to bring his death certificate to an Xfinity store. I advised the rep that we wouldnt get that for a few weeks and he said that was fine and that he would notate the account. 


Fast forward 30 days and the death certificate comes in. I bring in the certificate and his equipment to the local comcast store. The counter rep takes all the equipment and I give him the death certificate. He looks at it, tells me he is sorry for my loss and then checks in the equipment. He gives me a receipt for the equipment and hands me back the death certificate. I ask if there is anything I need to sign or does he need a copy and he says no that customer service will issue a refund for his service back to the date that he died. 


Fast forward anothe 10 days and we see that comcast has deducted $840 from his bank account. I immediately call in and get the same run around that the rep can't talk to me bacuse i'm not authorized. Again I make the what should be an easy argument of he is no longer alive so thats not possible. After 30-40 minutes of back and forth I am told that he is being charged an early termination fee because he cancelled service before the contract end date. I again remind him that he is dead and that charging him an early termination fee is pretty distasteful. He tells me that I need to bring his death certificate to a comcast store. I advise that I already did that and he says that the rep who checked in the equipment did not note that. 


So again I go into a comcast store with the death certificate. The rep apologizes to me that it wasn't done correctly and says that we will receive a refund in 6-10 weeks. When asked why it takes so long he said that its a long process since it was drafted from his account and that the funds need to be verified. Now there is no faster way to get money than an ACH draft but I didn't want to argue and I said I would wait. 


over the next 10 months (yes, months), I have had at least one call a month with comcast having to ask where the refund is and the excuse is something different but this time they have done everything and they PROMISE that a refund would be issued in the next 4 weeks. But of course that never happens. 

  • Sorry the rep you spoke to did not process it correctly
  • The refund wasn't cleared with the equipment team so we need to transfer you to them
  • The security team didn't approve it yet so let us transfer you to them

At this point I have spoken to at least 40 different comcast reps and spent at least 30 hours on the phone or in the store having to talk about my dead father (which is a treat) and getting excuse after excuse why the refund hasn't been issued. On December 20th my sister decided to give it a try and she got the famous xfinity promise that a refund would be delivered within 14 days. Bet you can't guess whether that happened or not. 


This is my last attempt to get this resolved through comcast. My next step is filing a complaint with better business and the FCC as well as contacting my local news to see if they would be interested in the story.  Not that anyone at xfinity cares but I have been a xfinity customer for 20+ years and this is not how you treat people who suffered a loss of a family member or how you treat anyone in general. 


Being that its been a year and I know if I didn't pay comcast for a year they would be charging me late fees so I expect Comcast to do the same

  • Refund for the early termination fees that were charged
  • Refund for the programming and security fees charged between when I called to inform comcast of his death (Jan 13 and when the service was actually disconnected Feb 17)
  • 12 months of late fees 

Re: Early Termination fee for dying and 365 days without a refund.

I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

I am not an employee.

Re: Early Termination fee for dying and 365 days without a refund.

Hi termfeefordying -- I can help with this ETF issue. I reviewed your father's account and this issue is being handled by a Manager and Director. The Manager has been in contact with the authorized user on your father's account. The Manager and Director will rectify this issue. They will be in contact with the authorized user once this has been completed. 

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Re: Early Termination fee for dying and 365 days without a refund.

You would think someone would have the courtesy to respond. Shockingly no one has reached out to me. 


Re: Early Termination fee for dying and 365 days without a refund.

Hi termfeefordying -- As stated in my response, this is being addressed by a Manager and Director. The Manager has been in contact with the authorized user on your father's account. You were not contacted as you are not listed on the account. This ETF issue has now been resolved. 

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Update: Early Termination fee for dying and 365 days without a refund.

Last week as a last ditch attempt for some actual customer support I posted the below about my fathers early termination fee on his eqipment and a month of service fees between the date of his death (when I called) and comcast cancelled his service - date I received his death certificate. I was assured by a forum admin (non comcast) that an agent would reach out to me to help me with my issue. Shockingly enough... no callback Then I posted a follow up and got a reply that someone would contact me.. strike 2 no contact then finally a post saying that they spoke to the authorized person on my fathers account (which is me) and that I am not the authorized. 


Today I call customer no service and am told that a refund was issued for the equipment and a check would be sent in 4-6 weeks to my fathers address. Of course no refund was issued for the month of service where comcast wouldnt disconnect. 


Some thoughts.. 

1. You are out of your minds if you think a mailed check in 4-6 WEEKS is appropriate here since youve held money for over a year

2. No one spoke to anyone since me and my sister are the only ones left alive in my family unless youve found a way to conjure my fathers ghost

3. I know there are pages and pages of notes but how about reading all of them so you refund the correct amount and send that refund to the correct address

4. How pathetic is it that I'm still having to talk on a public forum about my dead father


my original post



Re: Update: Early Termination fee for dying and 365 days without a refund.

termfeefordying -- The non-Comcast forum admit who responded, responded saying you'd receive a response on this thread. The non-Comcast admit did not say you would receive a call back. As per their response, I have responded back to this thread and have answered what I can about your father's account. Please be advised that these forums are not designed to elicit call backs. They are designed to have communication via these threads and Private Messaging. I am unable to release certain information as you are not an authorized user on his account. 


If you feel that you are an authorized user, then please send me a PM with your name. I will also need you to verify the name on your father's account, his full service address, and either phone number or account number of his account for authentication purposes.


As stated in my prior post, a Manger and Director were in contact and did work with the authorized user on your father's account. They were all able to reach a resolution. The information provided about the refund time frame is correct. 4-6 weeks is the time frame for refunds to be received. We are empathetic to your situation and understand this has been frustrating however that does not change the refund time frame.