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Early Termination Fee and worst customer service EVER!

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Early Termination Fee and worst customer service EVER!

We had xfinity Internet service for over 2 years and for a brief time we also tried xfinity/comcast TV, but didn't like it and cancelled TV, but kept Internet service. Then we cancelled Internet service because we moved out of xfinity service area. Expecting a refund for 3 weeks of unused serivce, we get a bill for another month of serivce. When I called, the first gentlemen I talked to said I needed to talk to someone is billing. The young English-as-a-second-language-speaking lady I was transferred to in billing, gave me the most off-the-wall, incorrect information I have ever received. Often one comment she made would contradict what she had said a minute before. Finally I asked to speak with a supervisor and he correctly recounted our account history, but said, although the bill I just received was in error, another bill was in the mail and that we owed an early termination fee of $80 which our 3-week refund would partially cover, but that there still was a balance due of over $50! I was never informed of any such fee. I will never do business with this company again!


Re: Early Termination Fee and worst customer service EVER!

Hi EPHANN -- I can help with your billing issue. We do have contract options for our Internet service so you may have been in one. This should have been made clear to you as you'd have to accept the contract agreement. I can review this for you. Please send me a PM with your name, full service address, and either phone number or account number for authentication. I'll review your services to see if this contract was valid.


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